baby red pepper co.
handmade and handgrown by the seat of our pants

​human-tested, orangutan-approved.*

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*No humans are harmed during our testing.
 We promise. Really.

baby red pepper co.
a little bit about us...

Beginning in May 2017, baby red pepper co. relocated from Chicago, IL to Burlington, KY. Family is important and The Employee saw an opportunity to return to the State he was raised in (more than 50 yrs ago). The employee is now sharing the same skies with momproviding a helping hand when called on, and focused on getting Red's empire back on track.

As for Red, well... he's still the baby orangutan that coincidentally showed up in the back seat that time we went to the Zoo, fast talking himself into the spare bedroom where he and Braxton conceived this enterprise. He's the vision and brains behind this clown car of hilarity.
Find us at our Farmer's Markets and festival events beginning end of August 2017. Chat us up while you sample our hot sauces and pepper products. We look forward to seeing you as we continue this Great Panspecies Adventure  .

And if you happen to see Red, no cheap shots about this being monkey orangutan is an ape and he's sensitive about it... particularly when he hears it from the lesser evolved. 
-- The Employee

"If I can't dance, I don't want to be part of your evolution."
-- Baby Red, CEO
Baby Red Pepper Co.
baby red pepper co. is the only orangutan-owned producer of artisanal hot sauces and pepper products in the world. Under the direction of our CEO, Baby Red and our feline Director of Quality Assurance and Hijinks, Mr. Braxton, baby red pepper co. is in its second full year. Both officers closely direct our human workforce, referred to as "The Employee," who had absolutely no prior experience in any of this before beginning to grow and blend peppers from his home garden 21 years ago. 
Our motto is "handmade and handgrown by the seat of our pants" and represents our commitment to creating our product from seed to table. That, and well... a little chaos can be damn entertaining.
The baby red pepper co. gardens are temporarily located in community garden space in Burlington, KY. The 420 plants provide the bulk of our hot peppers for product production. For 2018, we will be looking to lease a larger production field where we can return to organic practices. While we currently do not, nor ever will, use chemical pesticides, as we are currently in a community space, so all sorts of buggery has occurred to this soil. We will leave it better than found, and considering the agricultural tradition we find orselves in...we will undoutbably find better.

Baby Red supports local growers and CSA farms, sourcing our ingredients from them where at all possible. In addition to growing our peppers, we cold smoke and dehydrate a variety of specimens from our gardens for incorporation into our products. Our sauce bases use fresh, smoked and dried peppers, as well as small batch fermented pepper mashes.
We small batch our 6 standard sauces in rented commercial kitchen space, handblending everything. As we cultivate new pepper varietals, we will be riffing special seasonal blends to provide our customers with new flavor adventures.