Pineapple Habanero Vinegar
Pickled Peppers


Home preservation in all its glorious interations is an extension of the garden's harvest through the year.  Canned tomatoes and veggies, jams and jellies, vinegars and pickles, jerkies, dehydrated spices and herbs... they're just a start. Whether its waterbath or pressure canninig, lactoferments, cider brewing or smoking, curing and drying, the food preservation arts are enjoying a revival as people reconsider the processed, adultrated foods from dubious sources they consume. The Employee started canning as well as brewing meads and ales 18 years ago. He's picked it back up again in recent years, branching out to ferments and smoking. 
Included in this archive are recipes for various preservations that we've tested in the Baby Red Test Kitchen. If you are interested in learnign preservation methods, check your local library, county extension services and, of cource, the internet. There's a revolution going on, join us.