Hard to believe, but we make friends. We also run into people we'd like to introduce you to because we've found they offer something special... whether a product or service or just have that vibe about them that increases the world. 
Below are some of those special people who have made our journey a little more amusing. We enjoy them, so should you.

Mr. Braxton & the CEO

our friends and accomplices

people Red thinks you should know about 

Anarchy in a Jar
Laena McCarthy's 2009 artisanal jam and preserves company in NY. Her book, Jam on: The Craft of Canning Fruit has provided me with tools, recipes and inspiration.
Sandor Katz
The godfather of DIY fermentation. I strongly suggest adding his The Art of Fermentation to your bookshelf. 
Dancing Lights
A company appearing at the Wheaton and Geneva French Markets that offers a complete line of Folkmanis puppets, jigsaw puzzles and Kitras Art Glass. Wonderful people to know. 
Check out the puppets.  Puppets!!!!!!
"A special owner,  I frequently sleep with her when Braxton hasn't dragged me off on some adventure. Why she married The Employee, I'll never fathom." -- Red
Windy City Mustards
The Bleu Olive
One of our favorite foodie contacts and suppliers. An outstanding line of premium quality flavored olive oils, imported white and dark balsamic vinegars and artisanal mustards. Appearing at the Wheaton and Geneva French Markets and retail locations throughout Chicagoland.
The Bleu Olive site has a great collection of recipes using their products.
"If you happen to meet Bob, ask him if he's seen Jack." -- Red
Michael Pollan
Author of The Omnivore's Dilemma. A reasoned voice for sane food policy, local sourcing and polyculture. Next to Wendell Berry or Frances Moore Lappe, Pollan is one of those people you need to know about if you are at all concerned with what you are putting into your body, how it gets there, and its true cost to you and the rest of us. 
Wendell Berry
Kentucky's great voice. Novelist, poet, environmental activist, prophet, national treasure.  Yada yada...He's mostly a farmer, which means he's a man of great humility, reverence and judgement.  There is no one who has written with such depth, directness and devotion to songs out of man and earth in harmony.

Part of me was born listening to his voice and the last thing I want to hear is someone reading his words.

Skip the novels and non-fiction and start with the poetry: This Day: Sabbath Poems or The Collected Works of Wendell Berry. Then go to the collections of essays and fiction.  Home Economics is important.
Subtext Theater
Subtext Theater Company is a not-for-profit fledgling theater company in Chicago co-founded by good friend, playwright and gentleman farmer Leigh Johnson. Together with co-founders Rocky Hagloch and John Oster,  the troupe completed their first successful production run in November 2015. 
Visit the website.
"A pretty good guy, that Johnson.  "  --  Red

Market & Cafe
xxxxxxxxxxxx Union KY

Northern Kentucky Lunch and Dinner Cafe focusing on local and sustainable ingredients. Produce, meats and ingredients direct from local KY growers.

Owner Patricia Houston does it right. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx