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Images from the Baby Red gardens in the Western Suburbs of Chicago.
For 2016, the overall goal is to achieve a garden that more closely follows a biodynamic scheme. We are expanding to a test garden of 1800 sq ft with an additional 24 above ground 5 gal. containers planned. The planting rows will be raised a final 4 inches, ammending with compost and topsoil. We'll continue to tighten and mvoe from three to four peppers wide with 2 ft. mulched walkways. Selected plants will be topped, experimenting with this method.
For 2017, we will be relocating to a more rural area further South. The reloaction will allow us to begin expansion to approx. 8000 sq ft, with additional varieties of vegetables.
Ultimately, Red would like to add a small ventilated greenhouse where we hope to install a 32 dutch bucket set-up. In the beds, we'll test several roll-off hoop frames.

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