Rosemary, Habanero
& Pear Simple Syrup
Habanero Ginger Simple Syrup
Red's Spicy
Bloody Mary
Rasta Ron's
Rum Mojito


Herein is a compendium of Red's approved beverages, both adult and all age, as well as ingredients that will elevate your next concoction to a higher level. 
For you adults out there, and you think you know who you are, drink responsibly.. the urge some of you lesser evolved have to aspire to yarrr....pirate levels of consumption perplexes Red. Waking up with stuff scrawled across your face, baring your boobies, or devastating the people around you who love you...well, thats no way to live. Kicking back after a days labor and drifting along into evening with a nice cocktail to conversation or a good book...well, we do earn that.
Red doesn't quite get it, but that's ok. To set the record straight, orangutans don't imbibe deliberately. Orangutans don't have the necessary ADH4 enzymes to metabolise ethanol, that had to wait for one of the last common ancestors of ground dwelling apes and humans to hit the ground and gain the ADH4 producing mutation around 10 million year ago.