Basic Habanero
Hot Sauce
Hung Yao (chili oil)

DIY Hot Sauces

Did you know hot sauces have a number of documented health benefit including high percentages of anti-oxidants, promoting sleep and improving digestion? Orangutans have long known that hot peppers also increase libido and cure male pattern least among orangutans.
These recipes are a compilation of easy-to-execute flavorful hot pepper preparations and sauces you can execute in the home kitchen without much effort. No long shopping lists for the spice store, smoking, drying or lengthy preparations. These are designed so you can get your peppers processed, blended and in the bottle in under two hours with one or two small stockpots.
Look no further than baby red pepper co for your bottles, closures and fresh or dried peppers. We sell what you need. Red wants to share chilihead love to the world.
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